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The project CT4SilverCaregivers is based on the training needs demanded by the society as a consequence of the active & healthy ageing of seniors, by the increase of their hope of life due to greater preventive practice, more efficient diagnoses and the development of healthcare policies more appropriate to their needs. Experiences and models for a quality ageing in community areas equivalent to that existing for the rest of people.

To do so, partners will elaborate a new curriculum and training courses (output 1) in line with the labour market queries and tailored for informal caregivers and VET teachers/learners. They will also design an e-learning platform that will contain the modular programme and the certification methodology. The platform will enable each participant to sign-up, create their own profile and obtain training in the area of active & health ageing in silver economy. It will indeed foster shared learning, exchange of knowledge and experience between participants and interaction

Diputación de Zamora

The Diputación de Zamora is the institution in charge of the government in the province of Zamora (Spain), one of the most affected by the growth of the elder population and the migration of youngsters to bigger cities. It legislates in different areas of the territory, and centers its projects in Agriculture, Economy, Cities, Culture, Education, Sports and much more.

University of Almería (Spain)

The University of Almeria is one of the youngest and most dynamic universities in Spain. Research is one of the most important goals of the institution and keeps the highest quality always in full sight and places new technologies and its application in research and academic activities in the spotlight. The research group HUM-498 centers its research areas in development, education and vocational counseling, with a certain emphasis on research of methods and strategies of teaching and learning, Curricular knowledge, Intervention models and programs for improving learning processes, Orientation programs for Employment, Lifelong Learning and Active Life.

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Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens - AGFE (France)

Management and coordination platform for the actions of local stakeholder systems, AGFE – Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens (European Fund Management Association) - strengthens coherence and effectiveness of the various public interventions in the field of training, employment and inclusion including pooling of financial assistance from local authorities with the State, supported by the European Union in particular via the European Social Fund (ESF) and Erasmus+.

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DAFNI Kentro Epaggelmatikis Katartisis - DAFNI KEK (Greece)

DAFNI KEK is a non-for profit education and research center. Based on the DAFNI KEK's official Statutes articles: ”The initial scope of the institution was the design and provision of CVET  courses  to a broad range of marginalized groups in the frame of EU funding, State Funding or independently”. The organisation acts  locally  as an independent hub for innovation and life guidance to adults with fewer opportunities in a european perspective. Member of EAEA -The European Association for Education of Adults, participates in various EU initiatives in line with major trends in  adults’ life and digital competences.  The organization has in its core the theories and inspirations of Paolo Freire around working against social injustice,on the fact that: “...there is no transformation without action". 

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Trebag (Hungary)

Trebag Intellectual Property and Project Manager Ltd is a Hungarian private company and living lab with huge network locally and regionally among stakeholders and actors in business and education. It is situated in the neighbourhood of Budapest, Hungary. Its main field of activity is R+D+I and research, and development of training materials, as well as promoting community building and education for the benefit of local and regional communities.

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Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (Portugal)

Interdisciplinary Research Unit – On Building Functional Ageing Communities - Age.Comm,  is an R&D unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (Portugal). Age.Comm’s mission is to understand the phenomenon of aging populations, particularly the analysis of how the communities of the older territories of the Portuguese interior deal with the aging processes, so as to contribute to the development of functional communities through the production and dissemination of knowledge that supports the definition of strategies that enable the well-being and autonomy of the elderly, their integration and participation in local life and the development of the territories.

Rural Hub

We specialise in the development of innovative educational materials and digital resources. These resources aim to address a wide range of target groups including marginalised adult learners, disadvantaged young people not in employment, educations or training (NEETs), older persons, individuals in vulnerable employment, migrant learners and entrepreneurs engaged in the creative sector, with a specific focus on the rural community.

Through the development of e-learning materials and digital resources, The Rural Hub aims to address the current and future training needs of rural residents. We also strive to address the skills gap in the provision of alternative educational materials, innovative approaches and best practices in training and education programmes across Europe.

Zamora Provincial Council Zamora Provincial Council
Who are we? Who are we?
The Rural Hub The Rural Hub
Who are we? Who are we?
Who are we? Who are we?
University of Almeria University of Almeria
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